Guitar and Piano Lessons
Anthony is now accepting a limited number of students!  Beginners and all ages are welcome!
Have fun, develop self confidence, and enjoy the gift of music!
~  Play music from your favorite artists-Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Metal, Funk, R&B, Alternative, and many others....
~   Sight Reading and Theory while learning how to find all the notes on the neck quickly and easily
~   Arranging and Music Notation including Tablature, Transcribing songs from CD’s and Song Charts
~  Power Chords,  Chord Inversions, and Chord Melody
~  Ear-Training and Improvisation
What to expect:
An environment where there are No-Limits to what you can achieve.  Working at your own pace, with practice and patience, all of your goals can be realized!
Topics Covered:
~  How to create your own original songs and express yourself through music
~  Scales, Arpegios, and finger exercises concentrating on each individual’s needs
~  Most importantly-to apply what you learn to make music!!
Return To “Live”-Online Lessons over the Internet!!
 Use iChat if you own a Mac or  Skype  if you own a PC.  The only other thing you need is a  web cam and PayPal account.   All lessons are tailor-made to fit your schedule!!